Taylormay Botanicals Beauty Balm

Taylormay Botanicals Beauty Balm

As I mentioned back in early February, Taylormay sent over a couple of their product samples for me to test and review. That included Taylormay Botanicals Beauty Balm.

I’ve been waiting for the appropriate moment to give it a try.

This rich moisturiser is enriched with Soil Association Approved Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Beeswax and a whole host of good things.  It has a light zesty aroma which smells nice and fresh.

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to give this formulation a thorough testing.

So, I decided to apply Taylormay Botanicals Beauty Balm prior to walking the Great Ridge on Mam Tor.  Those of you familiar with walking up there will know just how windy it gets up there.

Perfect conditions for testing a barrier cream.

The beauty balm can be used in 4 different ways:

  • A deep cleanser.
  • Nail protection & cuticle softening.
  • Hairstyling, to smooth fly-away hair.

It’s nice to find a multi-purpose product with so many applications.  😊

Because the BB has the consistency of an enriched wax I found it easy to remove from my small 4 gram pot with the tip of my little finger nail.

When the balm comes in to contact with heat it melts and becomes easy to apply to the skin.  I let the balm melt slightly between my fingertips before applying to my cheeks.  The formulation sinks in to your skin and leaves a slight protective residue on the skinks surface.  Perfect for protection against the cold winds on Mam Tor.

The wind was wiping around me once I was on the top and despite the cold blast on my face it didn’t feel like it was making my skin tighten.  Like it would normally.  A sign that this cream really does work.

When I got back home I wiped the surplus cream from my face to feel soft, smooth and silky skin without a hint of dryness.

Taylormay Botanicals Beauty Balm, And Finally …

This is a product I now keep in my rucksack just in case I should encounter severe winds whilst out walking the hills.  It’s an effective barrier and moisturiser that I can use time after time as you use so little.  A must for my kit bag during the winter months especially.

Disclosure – This product was provided to us free of charge, Click here for more information about reviews

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