About Us

About Us


I invested in my first pair of walking boots in spring 2016.

Having lived on the fringe of the Peak District for most of my life I finally got round to checking it out on foot at the end of 2015.  And boy did I get a surprise!

My only viewpoint of the stunningly beautiful Peak District had been from a car seat.  Yes, I have driven through a lot of my local countryside.  But I don’t think you get to have a real insight in to the true beauty of the landscape until you start climbing those hill, edges and peaks, depending on your level of mobility of course.

One restriction I did have and still have to this day is my inability to climb very fast because I’m an asthma sufferer which impairs me slightly.  But I settle for taking steady bites at it and, well I’ve even climbed to the top of Mam Tor!

And let’s not forget my age.  Being a lady in her early 50’s has also slowed me down.  Although for some age is not a restriction.  I was passed by a couple of ladies who were in their 70s almost jogging up the side of Mam Tor.

Having climbed those hills and crossed those valleys I have now decided to give you an insight to all that is wonderful about the Peak District from my perspective.  So we can explore together.  🙂

I’ll be sharing walks, news, cookery, events and anything which will Peak Your Interest and look forward to hearing your views and sharing your news.