Edensor Day

Edensor Day

The village of Edensor holds an annual village fayre and open gardens in June. This year we decided to attend Edensor Day for the first time and found the £5 per person entry fee extremely good value for money.

The village itself has a long history and is apparently listed in the Domesday Book. The name is pronounced “Enzor” or “Enzer” depending on who you speak to which can confuse visitors to the area. Not exactly a shibboleth just a one of the many linguistic idiosyncrasies that are common in ancient place names.

The current location of the village is the result of successive Duke of Devonshire updating and improving the houses within the settlement. In common with many landed families the Devonshires have over the years improved their own view, in this case from the West Front of Chatsworth House buy moving the road, Edensor village and reshaping the River Derwent. Starting with the 4th Duke and finishing with the 6th Duke of Devonshire the village was moved to its current location.

Anyway, enough history. Edensor Day and open gardens gives us visitors to the village a chance to see what amazing gardens the residents enjoy. Some are small and friendly, others expansive and very impressive. You also get to see aspects of the “cottages” otherwise hidden from view. These are residences after all and it’s a privilege to view these charming properties, even if it is just from the outside.

The village green had various stalls selling everything from bric-a-brac to slingshots this year. The musical accompaniment was a steel band and the music accompanying the morris dancers. Edensor Church was open as a café in addition to the Chatsworth Estate’s burger van and the Edensor Tea Rooms giving us all plenty of places to get refreshments.

Even the weather played ball for the day. Although light rain had been forecast it was dry and occasionally bright. Must ask how they arrange that for our village show. As I write this about an hour after Edensor Day wound up the weather has broken and rain is lashing down outside!

Visiting Edensor on Edensor Day

Edensor is easy to find being as it is adjacent to Chatsworth House on the Chatsworth Estate. Parking for the day is free and marshalled. However, we chose to park at Chatsworth House and walk to Edensor, around a kilometre in each direction. Parking at Chatsworth House is £4.00 per car unless you’re a Friend Card holder.

Entrance to the village on Edensor Day is £5 for adults £3 for children.

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