Ascending Win Hill

Ascending Win Hill

Here are just a few of the images we took while climbing Win Hill in the Derbyshire peak District yesterday. A beautiful sunny spring day and one that we were very lucky to be able to take advantage of.

We parked near the Yorkshire Bridge, walked across the Ladybower Dam then headed up towards New Barn and the path to Win Hill. After reaching the summit we descended towards Parkin Clough before turning left back towards New Barn to close the loop. However, our progress was a little hampered by the dozens of fallen pine trees across the path. The rangers haven’t had chance to clear them yet, not surprising considering the number taken down by the recent winds.

Win Hill is a good climb though the route we took was only around 5km, so not too taxing. The recent wet weather meant the paths were a bit muddy but not too bad.

Detailed Route To Win Hill Via Ladybower Dam and New Barn

There are numerous routes up Win Hill but this is one that we like as it’s not as steep as direct the approach up Parkin Clough. This route also includes a variety of water-side scenery, open moorland and forest sections.

The SK map references are from the Ordnance Survey OS 1 Explorer Series map.

Begin from the Bamford to Ladybower road (A6013). Parking is available on the road for free or at the Heatherdene car park next to Ladybower Fisheries (SK202858). Join the Ladybower Dam wall path on the west side of the road at SK202854 and head west across the wall. You’ll be able to take in both “plugholes” the bell mouth overflows that the Ladybower reservoir is famous for.

The dam wall path is around 400 meters long with a 150 meter walk north along the edge of the reservoir until you find a path on your left heading up into the woodland on the valley side at SK197856. Climb this path, passing through a wooden gate at SK196858 until you reach a junction at SK195859. I think this place is called “The Springs”. You will see some cut logs often used as seats by visitors here and often the remains of fires. You’ll now take a path that heads steeply uphill through a small wooden gate next to a steel five bar gate.

Follow this section of the path up through the trees bearing gently left until you reach a wooden gate (currently broken). At this point you’ll be heading uphill and South at SK188856. A steep but mercifully short set of steps brings you out into open moorland. From here, SK187855 keep the summit of Win Hill (Win Hill Pike) on your left, walking along a narrow and eroded section of footpath until you reach the wide west-east path along the ridge. Turn left to face Win Hill and keep climbing until you reach the summit.

The return journey can be made by following the path east from the summit into Win Hill Plantation and down the first part of Parking Clough. Be careful, Parkin Clough is very steep and slippery even in dry weather. Walk until you reach the junction of paths at SK194851, at which point head left (north-northeast) along the often muddy path that brings you back to the junction at “The Springs”. You need to almost double back on yourself via the gate you ascended through earlier and retrace your steps down to Ladybower Dam.

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