Walking Froggatt Edge

Walking Froggatt Edge

This is a very popular walk and as a result the National Trust car park just above Curbar on Barr Road gets very busy.  If you do manage to secure a place in there it will cost you £4 for a day’s parking (price correct at time of writing in 2016).

If no parking is available then there are further pull-in spaces down the hill heading towards Curbar itself and there is limited car parking on the edge of the road.  Please remember to park sensibly as parking at the roadside reduces this already narrow road on a blind crest to a tricky single track highway.

The path from the car park to the edge has a slight incline and is paved in uneven rocks, gravel, and when wet, mud., as is most of the walk so walking boots are the recommended attire.  You may also wish to ensure you have some wind cheating attire as with all edges it can get very blustery up there.

Once you have made the steady ascent the views from the top are stupendous.

With White Edge over to the right (East) and views down into Curbar reaching as far as Chatsworth in the distance to the South.  A glimpse of the Emperor Fountain at Chatsworth and the house itself can be seen on a clear day.

The terrain of gritstone makes for a naturally cobbled path in most parts which is interspersed with grass on the very edge itself.  Some parts of the path are paved with large stone slabs. Occasionally you will be walking amongst highland cattle who graze freely up there. If you’re lucky you may also see deer, though they avoid human contact so it’s rare to see them close to such a busy path.

Looking North towards Derwent Edge, Higgar Tor and The Great Ridge from Froggat Edge
Looking North towards Derwent Edge, Higgar Tor and The Great Ridge from Froggat Edge

From the edge you will be able to see Froggatt village as you pass, then the village of Grindleford towards the end of your walk which is about ???

As the path meanders along the edge you will encounter both ups and downs but they are steady and manageable with no adverse climbing so lomng as you stick to the marked path.

On your way over towards Grindleford keep an eye out on the right (East) of the path for the stone circle amongst the silver birch.

After Grindleford your view will open up to the far reaching views of Kinder Scout, Mam Tor, Burbage, Higgar Tor and Carl Wark.  On a sunny day the view is truly spectacularly, breathtaking.

This walk has many vistas and changes of scenery, ranging from the rugged gritstone edge to lush wooded areas with silver birch.

The path finally leads down to the A625 where you can continue your walk with a stroll along White Edge which will take you back to the carpark, do an about turn to head back or you can walk about 100 meters up the road and enjoy a cool glass of your favourite tipple at the Grouse Inn.  🙂

Some parking is available at the north end of Froggatt Edge between the start of the path and The Grouse bbut at weekends and during holidays this can quickly fill up so arrive early.

There are more images taken on Froggatt Edge here.

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