Sunshine Pizza Delivery

Sunshine Pizza Delivery was a business in need of an immediate solution to an unprecedented problem – the COVID-19 lockdown.

Moving from a business model whose primary focus was face to face, cash sales at diverse locations to an online model with delivery to the doorstep and online payments posed a number of challenges:

  • An evolving business model that was formulated as the website development progressed
  • Time-pressures that made a website a business critical issue
  • Volatile restriction on food sales, deliveries and movements
  • The necessity to perform the development with no face-to-face contact

All this added to the complexity of developing a site for a fast moving pizza delivery business that started from scratch in the middle of a nationwide health emergency. We rose to the challenge and delivered a responsive, visually appealing website that functions on desktop and mobile devices to ensure Sunshine Pizza Delivery has successfully switched to business strategy that can adapt to any level of lockdown restrictions.

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