Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a domain name?

Yes, but if you don’t have one already we can help you register one easily.

Where would my website be situated?

If you have your own hosting set up you can use that – if it has the necessary features to support your new online sales site. Otherwise we can host it or advise you about selecting a new package from a third party. Or we can host your site for you on one of our UK based servers.

I have a website already, can I use that to sell my products?

The short answer is probably yes. The long answer is, let’s talk. How your current site is set-up will determine the best way forward.

I have an eCommerce website already but it doesn’t work the way I want it to, will I have to start from scratch?

That depends on your current site. You want to sell online and that needs a well designed, easy to navigate website. We can assess your existing site and help you decide how best to use your existing online assets.

Why can’t I use Facebook to sell my products?

You can, but in our experience businesses soon outgrow the features on Facebook. Facebook is great for helping drive traffic and prospective customers to your site, it’s just a little limited as an online selling tool.

What about subscription services that offer quick setup and lots of features thrown in?

Those services tend to cater for simplistic sales operations. Your business will grow and to ensure that your online sales operation can accommodate this you need a website solution that you control and expand as your business takes off. And of course the cost of subscription services like these accumulates through the life of your site, plus their card processing fees can be high. Once your website is set up you can manage it yourself so the only costs are card merchant fees when you make a sale.

We’ve never taken card payments before, surely that’s complicated?

Not at all, we can help you select a card payment processor and advise you on the quickest way to get set up.

We have a card payment processor already, will we need to change or apply to another company?

Usually, no. Most card processing companies provide a secure gateway to be used online, we’ll utilise that.

If you build me a site will I have to come to you to make alterations?

Only if you want to. We can, if you wish look after all the maintenance and administration of the site for you. However because we build websites using industry standard tools and give you full access to every aspect of the design and content that’s up to you.