Jameson’s Tea Rooms

Combining the reputation and style of the Jameson’s Tearooms into an online presence was always going to be both a fun and challenging task.

Fun because of the great rapport we built with the client’s management team who realised we really get “who they are” as business, and how best to appeal to their audience. We had spent 18 months managing Jameson’s web presence before the Spring of 2020 and plans were already in place for new developments.

However, as with many businesses 2020 changed those plans and we were here to help.

That’s where the challenges began. Helping a client understand how best to spend their budget on web development and therefore identify the best return on investment is always critical. The pandemic made this eye for efficiency, thoroughness and agility in the development process more important than ever before.

As yet another business pivoted, reassessed and reshaped its business model we helped them created a fresh look and incorporate a eCommerce into their website for the first time. Like many of our projects during the pandemic the whole development was carried out without the need for us to physically meet the client, except for one brief visit. This was possible because of our relationship with the client but also equally through the use of electronic communications to keep Jameson’s updated, consulted and onboard with the development.