Moskito Guard Wipes Review

Moskito Guard Wipes Review

Before I start just a few words about the company who produces this DEET free product.  They are a reputable international company who produce vaccines and therefore well place to provide an alternative to the diethyltoluamid (DEET) based products on the market.

The benefits they attribute to Moskito Guard are as follows:

  • Gives 8 hours protection.
  • Has a pleasant fragrance.
  • Is water resistant.
  • Can be used when pregnant and for infants 24 months+.
  • The product is non greasy.
  • Both DEET (diethyltoluamid) & alcohol free.
  • Includes 20% Picaridin.
  • Moisturises skin.
  • Whereas DEET, which is a solvent dissolves some plastics and fabrics, this doesn’t.
  • Is scientifically proven to work.
  • WHO and UK malaria prevention guidelines recommended.
  • Doesn’t share DEET’s potential safety issues
  • I’m sure you will agree quite a reputation to live up to.

So on to the testing.

It was the perfect evening for a walk down on the riverbank and also for our buzzy little friends.

I opted to wear jeans and a v-neck t-shirt to reveal as much nommy skin to the little critters as was comfortable.  Bearing in mind I wasn’t sure if it would work and wanted to keep some parts of me covered  🙂

Moskito Guard is available in a pump dispenser and also in wipes, I tested the latter.  They are contained within a handy re-sealable pouch which will easily fit in your rucksack, handbag, glove box in the car and even your back pocket.

Unsure that there would be sufficient product on the wipe to cover my face, neck and arms I decided to be methodical and allocate a quarter of the wipe to each area, plus one to spare.  I needn’t have bothered because there was more than enough to cover my exposed flesh.

Note: when applying, ensure that you don’t apply to your eye area or mouth.

Moskito Guard went on easily and without that horrible sticky feeling you normally get with insect repellents.  It also has a very pleasant smell, like a good toilet soap.  Unlike other products I have used in the past which smell like …industrial chemicals I guess is the best description.

My skin felt nice and smooth, moisturised.  Not tight or greasy, which made me feel comfortable about wearing it just under the margins of my clothing to be sure of a good all round barrier.

I will add at this point that if anyone gets bitten by midges or mosquitos in the house it’s me.  I think I have very tasty blood or something because my husband can get off scot free, whilst I look like a pink and lumpy insect feedingground.  Lol

Once coated with Moskito Guard we made our way down to the river.  It was a lovely sunny evening and the trout in the river confirmed our suspicions that there were bugs about.

We had only walked about 50 yards when I encountered a swarm of midges hovering in the shade of the trees and highlighted by a shaft of sunlight.

At that moment is occurred to me that the perfect test would be to stick my arm right in to the middle of the bitey swarm.

As I did so you could see an immediate reaction of revulsion within the swarm as they all backed off leaving clear are around my limb where they had once hovered.

It was a totally unexpected reaction but one which assured me that I wouldn’t be troubled by anything bitey on my walk.

And I can say that my 5k walk by the river was a resounding success.  I returned home without so much as a midge bite. And I smell nice too!

Moskito Guard Summary

I’ve now found a new friend for next Summer.  🙂 Moskito Guard, an effective biting insect repellent that’s effective and pleasant to use.

Disclosure – This product was provided to us free of charge, Click here for more information about reviews