Calver To Froggatt And Back

Calver To Froggatt And Back

This is an easy sub-5k walk.  As long as you can climb a few steps the gradient is predominantly flat.  It’s well walked by dog walkers and all ages and takes in some wonderful conservation projects including the protection of the rare Great Crested Newts and Lamprey.  The restored weir is of particular interest if you like birdwatching.  You can find a variety of birds including Dippers.

Parking in Calver can be troublesome due to demand but there are several car parking areas around the area of the church.  You would be wise to find a space as early as you can.

Once the car is parked you need to head down Dukes Drive to the side of the church and walk along the roadside for about 100 yards.  You will then come across a gate on the left hand side.

This places you on the first section of the walk and takes you past a small holdings where they are usually in the process of rearing chickens, pigs and sheep.

Whilst passing ensure you look down in to the river to see if there are any Red Breasted Mergansers or Mandarin ducks in the water or on the embankment opposite.  Deer are also known to walk the banks down near the Derwent River and you will see tracks in the embankment and entry points over fences.

Carry on down the path and descend the steps and you will find yourself at the bottom of Calver Weir where if you look carefully you should spot the Dippers at work as you sit on the bench.

You may only be a short walk from the road but this place is a little piece of tranquillity in a busy world and well worth exploring.

A short walk to New Bridge will see you on the second part of this walk.  You can either take the right bank by heading a little to the right and taking the gate or you can take your life in to your hands, walk over the bridge and squeeze through the style for the left side.

I suggest you walk the opposite bank on your way back.  J

Should you take the left bank you will pass the Newt pond complete with bulrushes on your left.  I’ve never been fortunate to spot one of the elusive Great Crested Newts but you never know.

Shortly after you will cross over the river’s tributary where the Lampreys reside.  I’ve never seen one of those either but you never know.  Lol

On this stretch of the walk you will pass marshlands which play host to a collection of wildlife and at the right time of the year yellow water iris.

There is a gate at the far end at which you need to bear right over Froggatt Bridge, then a short walk up the road will lead you to a gate facilitating entry to the other embankment.

This one will take you past some really, really nice gardens and potential deer spotting, oh and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Water Voles.

Once you get to the far end you will need to cross the road at New Bridge again for the final stretch of this walk and your car.  A nice easy walk with lots to see at any time of the year.

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