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Boot’s Folly

Boot’s Folly
Boot's Folly Strines Reservoir
Boot’s Folly Strines Reservoir

If you walk around Strines, particularly the Strines Reservoir it is impossible not to notice the tower on the hill to the south of the reservoir. It’s a fascinating structure, both for what is known about it and the stories associated with the reasons for its construction and current state of repair.

It was built in 1927 by Charles Boot the son of the founder of local construction company Henry Boot PLC. Henry Boot & Sons was founded in 1886 and helped by the success of civil building contracts and building camps for the military during the 1914-18 war the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1919. It’s no surprise therefore that around Sheffield and surrounding areas the family is well known and a number of local builds have been constructed by the company, owned by the family and lived in by the various descendants of Henry Boot.

The tower was built out of the leftover stone from the construction of Bents House nearby. Either it was commissioned by Charles Boot to provide work for some of his construction workers during the Great Depression, and/or to allow him to see the church yard at High Bradfield where his wife had been buried the year before. Either way the tower is now derelict and has sadly lost its wood panelled interior and fittings – including a spiral staircase since a cow managed to climb it and get stuck in the tower.

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